E-Program Guide of ICM 2010

Tue 20/Aug/2019 21:18 IST
ICM 2010 Day 2

How to use the E-Program Guide?

The links on the left of this page are self explanatory. The Complete Guide gives you the entire program listing and this can be sorted by any one of the several fields indicated. These sorting options are available on each page.

In addition, you can see the program according to

Past Running Now Future

and the color code for each date is consistent with these.

Activity types and their codes used in the E-Program Guide

pl Plenary Lectures
il Invited Lectures
pt Prize Related Talks
sc Short Communications
oa Other Activities
sa Social Activities
sl Special Lectures
pd Pannel Discussions
ms Mathematical Software
food Food

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Disclaimer: The E-Program on this site is based on the data available as on 3rd August 2010. For a more accurate version of the schedule, the participants are advised to check the daily news bulletin or click here.