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ICM 2010 Video Archives - from the venue HICC, Hyderabad

Welcome to the ICM2010 video archives portal!

Here you may find the the videos of Opening/Closing ceremonies, prize related talks, plenary lectures, a few invited talks, a few discussions, and some other lectures. Many of them were webcasted live via the ICM2010 website during August 19-27 2010 from the venue of ICM2010.

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Opening Ceremony

10 Clips
Total Duration 1:39:16

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Prize Related Talks

17 Clips
Total Duration 12:31:09

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Plenary Lectures

18 Clips
Total Duration 18:57:48

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Invited Lectures

13 Clips
Total Duration 10:01:31

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Other Lectures

3 Clips
Total Duration 3:30:59

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2 Clips
Total Duration 2:40:59

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Closing Ceremony

9 Clips
Total Duration 1:32:10

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